Stressed out

I think I'm going to try to find a part time job before school starts. I just don't want to over extend myself and I already feel like we are drifting again a little abd writing full-time and school that is almost full-time is going to put more strain on my family. Idk its starting to overwhelm me already and school hasn't started yet.

(no subject)

SAw this in my news feed this morning. No, its not a competition but some things are worth being on the news bruce Jenner is not one i care to see anymore. From my understanding he still has a penis so to me he is still bruce Jenner the Olympian. In my eyes hes still a man. Sorry I just don't understand it nor do i want to. Call me closemined idc maybe I am.


Ok I'm starting school next month plus im going to still work full-time.

D made a comment about my attitude and said he gets that im tired of the way things are(work/bills/stress)because he is as well and if the kids weren't standing there I probably would have snapped. I was thinking...mother fucker im working full-time and I'm about to start school so once finished I can provide better for my kids. What fuck are you doing to make things better? (Hes not currently working) Not a fucking thing! So fuck off about my attitude. This on top of a shitty work week. I don't want to be in the same room as him or anyone right now.

I'm a bitch

Apparently I'm too big of a bitch off the meds.. I'm going to see if my dr will give me a scrip so i can get back on them i still have some I'm going to start taking. Hopefully she can/will since i cant afford the mental health dr. I would think a primary care dr could right?

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I feel like crap and have for a couple days now.  Im tired all the time. I feel like shit after I eat a meal or snack. I haven't been able to drink my coffee for a couple days :( I know I should get into the Dr and have some blood work done. I have no energy to do anything its a miracle I'm at work

I was/am disgusted

I found out a couple days ago that my brother in law fondled/sodomized a now 18 year old girl  when she was 15. I had suspention but no proof and I don't think the girl would have been honest about it. I just want to murder him!!

Time flys

My baby boy turned 13 today 😢 im so proud of him and what a great human being he is. He keeps telling me he didn't know what he wants for his bday. Kind of frustrating. Im thinking about gee him some new skater shoes and a refill card for his phone and maybe some cash.

I also took my placement test for college. Scored above what was required. I enrolled in prerequisites my first class is Aug 10th! Scared, nervous, relieved, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I broke down in my car aftet and cried like big baby lol.


I think I'm going to take myself off these antidepressants. Why you ask well I can't afford it.  I can't afford the Dr mostly and I have insurance but I still gotta pay more than I can afford. I'm going to stop cold turkey I'll taper myself off.

Sex drive is crazy!

OMG! I think my sex drive is in overdrive! I can't get it off my brain. Sitting next to D and him brushing against me or putting his hand on my leg has caused me to feel like we have had sex(not the pleasure part) I'm  so wet. I'm going nuts!